Namaste Foods

Bread & Roll Mix

Hearty homemade bread that's perfect for toast, sandwiches and more! Now with directions for rolls, too.

Muffin & Scone Mix

Hands down the best muffins you've ever eaten! Makes yummy scones, too!

Perfect Flour Blend

The perfect flour (and lots of it!) for just about everything!

Sugar-free Muffin Mix

A tasty muffin with NO sugar (but lots of TLC!)

Waffle & Pancake Mix

Light, fluffy, with a hint of pure vanilla. We make 'em special!

Organic All Purpose Baking Mix

From pancakes to your favorite casserole or strawberry shortcakes, our Organic All-Purpose Baking Mix will soon become a pantry staple.

Organic Perfect Flour Blend

Our fabulous Perfect Flour Blend made with all organic ingredients.

Organic Quick Bread & Muffin Mix

This mix is so convenient to have on hand to bake easy banana bread and more!