Biscuits, Piecrust & More


This versatile mix can be used to make dumplings, shortcake and coffee cakes in addition to Biscuits and Piecrust, of course! Five quick and easy recipes will have you whipping up tasty treats in no time!



Sweet brown rice flour
brown rice flour
tapioca starch
arrowroot powder
sorghum flour
rice milk powder
cream of tartar
xanthan gum
baking soda


This product contains no wheat, gluten, soy, corn, potato, dairy, casein, peanuts or tree nuts. Non-GMO, all natural, no preservatives.



See our recipes link for inspiration and other recipes to make using Biscuits, Piecrust & More!


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Customer Feedback

The biscuits are easy and fast to make. They do take a while longer to cook, and brown up. Overall, I make them once a week.

- Wendy P., review

I just want to say that I really enjoy this mix (Biscuits, Piecrust & More). I don't have celiac disease but gluten and my body don't get along well, so it makes me so happy to have alternatives! The other day I used it to make a vegan pot pie for a work potluck and no one could tell that it was glu... More

- Mona, Namaste Foods customer email